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.:Sugar & Pills:.

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This is one of my worst photos, now you know a part of the worst of me :B
I'll own the world someday. I'm just lazy by now
consider yourself lucky
About me:
Name: Ask if you want to know :B
Age: 20 {acts like a 7 wants to be 5
and is acared of growing up }
peter pan syndrome :/
Lives: Inside her own world ~|~ Santiago, Chile.
Gender: female, a bit ambigue {She's not bisexual, just looks like a boy if she wants to}

Star sign: scorpio/libra (october 22nd)
Drugs: Chocolate, SUGAR {yesh sugar, like eats spoons of sugar (do you know L? from death note? pretty much like him when she's at computer}

Given by friends: flaca(skinny), nadie, no one, kyu, 1,

Given by Family: manana
Not in use: Hakyumi, mizuki, nona, ninya nya~, jin.
You can call me : Flaca, Kyu, or like you want to

give me MOAARR HUGS!:D
i'm in ravenclaw!
~||More about::.
·.·• 2nd year nursing student
·.·• likes learning new things
·.·• Has lupus
·.·• probably has OCD and/or ADHD
·.·• Doesn't know how to conjugate verbs properly ..in spanish or english
·.·• Definitely NOT Shy
·.·• Artist
·.·• Believes in egocracy

·.·• Likes some Jrock [I'm open to that, though I have my favorites]

·.·• Loves Chatting/talking
·.·• Randomness = her life
·.·• Used to be part of the JE fandom (KAT-TUN, and some guys from news)
·.·• Used to be an athlete, now she can't because of her knees
·.·• Currently working on her german
·.·• Loves symbol
·.·• hyper-kinetic
·.·• abuses of D: and :D

·.·• fanfics writter
·.·• loves singing
·.·• she is a tiger graaauurr!!
·.·• forgets to eat if nobody says to her
Forgets to sleep if nobody says to her
·• Forgets to wake up if nobody slaps her
·.·• can sleep 34 hours { skips Sundays or saturdays}
·.·• struggles with her mother tongue
·.·• Loves reading

·.·• egoist

·.·• cheats when playing cards
·.·• spanish speaker [well...kinda]
·.·• hates homophobia
·.·• doesn't like twilight saga
·.·• such a pain in the ass
·.·• quite good portrayer
·.·• Loves to eat artichokes with mayonnaise
[should I say, mayonnaise with artichokes?]

·.·• finds "haters" people without anything better to do
·.·• always with some problem with her craptacular computer
·.·• Great at drawing sketch

·.·• Composes music, and plays piano [not "omg so good" I'm an autodidact]

Bit crazy.......[ok, i’m a total schizophrenic, leaving jokes aside I had psicosis, lupic psychosis, and that's one of those where you actually know that something is right inside of your head, but now I'm almost sane, and I laugh at it because I'm a badass Freud says it's my defence mechanism, currently not going to the psychiatrist anymore]

Some words
what else I could say... I live the day, if I start to think about tomorrow I get stressed, though I do have plans, and I can organize myself.
I don't like when people start arguing/criticizing/hating because I have the tendency to over think things and then I find that either side is wrong or that trying to convince someone is almost futile and I get grumpy.
I love my imagination, even if daydreaming consumes my time while doing exams like whoa.
I always read every entry on my f-list, though I don't comment always because being a nurse student = having no life from time to time and when I'm on livejournal 70% the time I should be studying/writing a report/etc.

PD: I love the simplest things, it makes my eyes turn on the "rainbow vision" and smile