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22 October 2012 @ 12:00 am

anywhere, (better if here), after adding me. The answer to “can I add you?” is YES. and I need at least a clue that you added me xP. I do NOT bite …..so hard

My entries are about my life and my frustrated attempts to not become an adult, and stupid/random talks with myself. This journal is new but from time to time I can have some fan-spasm, that doesn't mean I'm like that in my life off the internet, Actually I’m talking about how did the little ponies to make cookies without having hands with fingers D:[they don't even have hands!], why did my last cat like cookies, and am I a cookie obsessed?, stuff like that. Yeah, I live in my little own world. If you find it boring I wont feel bad

I comment, when I have time, or something not so stupid to say. But, I read ALL my FList. So be sure that I DO know that you got a new kitty, your friend Dave is the best person ever, and you are totally obsessed with hyde. I’ll always comment back if you comment in my entries (if i don't have a big exam/test/essay due tomorrow)

It's nice if we have something in common, but, I don’t feel like that is soooo necessary, internet is to have @sex, read yaoi/yuri/hentai, and DL pron know people with different point of view, isn’t it? . Actually I enjoy reading other peoples journals, even if I have nothing in common with someone. Probably I'll be in your friendlis-cut before I cut you out of mine

I do not speak English, I speak something close to english, so, please have patience with that,  the most of times my Spanish is in fact… even worse. Said this, if you are a grammar nazi, I'm not native in English, you were warned

and lastly
rules? what is that? who needs that?(the whole world for peace?) We don't need rules. how fomds says  "rules are for normal people" (not really, kids obey your parents)

any questions? take a look to my user info : D

PS: sometimes I go public..hmm..yeah.. whatevah~<3
26 September 2010 @ 03:34 pm
I feel like bringing back to life this lj : )

I can practice my neglected english and I will probably need some kind of escape from stress

I'm uploading this as I'm doing my happy-dance,  I was updating my calendar to know what things I had to get done and I thought I had a big parasitology test tomorrow (for which I have not studied) but then realized tomorrow isn't the 4th and it isn't october yet. I FEEL SO GRETEFUL FOR LIFE

My cousin and grandma just came to visit, I expected my grandma to come but not my cousin. I don't really like when that happens and I'm wearing pajamas D:

Edit: I think I'll add some people to my flist

@friendlist : Hello, you may not remember me but have a nice day :)

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26 September 2009 @ 12:33 am

Hello to anyone who reads this!

I'm Mariana, 19 (I'll be 20 in less than a month), 2nd year nursing student.

I've been in Lj for about 4 years, I've had 2 accounts before. I changed the first one because someone was stalking me through one of mi lj-friends, I changed the second account for multiple reasons: my boyfriend discovered it, I lost track of my fandoms, I lost track of my LJ-friends, I wasn't THAT interested in those thing I had in common with them, I forgot my password, I wanted a restart, I wanted to change my user name, etc.

So here I am. I decided to start it today because next Tuesday I'm going to start my first clinical practice, this will be a completely new, exciting and stressful experience (if you don't count OSCE's, which is 90% stress 10% real life) and I want to share and have written down my experience.
Besides I'm a procrastinator at heart and I have to study for my OSCE,  therefore I'm here writting this :B

I live in Chile, pretty much the bottom of the world, but I like living here,

For people who don't know or know very little about Chile.
Chile is part of south-america though I don't feel identified with the image of most people have of southamerican countries, Chile's climate varies from the most arid desert in the world to antartida's territory/ the strait of magellan. And if you believe Chile's culture is like the one of venezuela, colombia, etc) you are not close to reallity, actually chile has more things in commong with argentina.

My mother tongue is spanish, and I learned english by myself (so I apologize for every mistake I could (and will) probably make) , My mother's side of my family comes from germany and I'm working on my german skills too. I also took japanese a month

I have lupus (yup, House lies! It was lupus!) This was diagnosed last year, but the symptoms started around 2006, I had lupic psychosis so I know how is to have a mind that is your only listener and your worst enemy.
Because of my lupus my archnemesis is the sun(actually UV-A y UV-B radiation) and, for a reason still unknown... WATER makes the skin of my face around my mouth peel off in a itchy and bad looking-way

Though I'm just 19 I don't like growing up ):, I'm not scared of responsibility but I don't like being and adult .
I'm not shy but I may not say a word if I find boring to start a talk, I like to draw, and I'm always listening to music.
I can't stand studying without noise pollution. thanks to my classmates from high school I can't focus if I don't have environmental noise or a substitute like my TV turned on, music, etc


I get addicted to and obsessed with the simplest things you could imagine, like cleaning the scratches on my table in classes, playing restaurant city on facebook, reading ingredients & precautions behind the boxes of everything, turning the volume to multiples of 5 (10-15-20).


I'm really forgetful, I tend to forget names quite easily, and sometimes I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I end washing my hands btw I wash my hands a lot

I hate the smell of my hands after I use latex gloves, also my hands get itchy smetimes when I use them, so I have problems with that because of the career I study.

I'm hyper-kinetic, and I tend to stress myself procrastinating things, I like to talk, but just if I find that I'm not wasting my time explaining things to stupid/close-minded/not interested people. I suck at redacting in spanish, and I have issues mixing words and conjugating verbs, and I like words over others

I'm a bit ambigue, (I just look like a boy if a want to or if I wear men clothes)

I'm looking for new friends and communities to be part of, and I'm going to customize my journal and I'll use items from my previous journal so if you think that you know me from somewhere else, please let me know in a private way (pm, comment on a friend-locked entry) I don't want some people finding this journal

Finally I'll end with a question....¿WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

I'm off to study my paper "on the road to succeful I.V. starts" (I just find hilarious the tittle xD)

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